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  • Ferrite magnet assembly acts as common motor for both LF and HF
  • Polyimide HF diaphragm
  • Demodulation ring
  • 100° nominal HF coverage
  • HF repair kit available

The FTX0617 is a 6.5″ diameter cast frame common motor coaxial  speaker, with a single ferrite magnet that acts as a motor for both LF and HF drivers saving space and weight.

With a 1.75″ voice coil, the speaker provides a 300W continuous / 150W (AES standard) power rating with a 92dB LF sensitivity (103dB HF sensitivity). It incorporates a 1.4″ voice coil compression driver to deliver a 100Hz to 20kHz frequency response.

Thông số kỹ thuật sản phẩm FTX0617

Nominal diameter 165mm / 6.5in
Power rating 150W
Continuous power rating 300W
Rated impedance 8Ω
Sensitivity 92dB
Frequency range 100-6000Hz
Chassis type Cast aluminium
Magnet type Ferrite
Magnet weight 0.88kg / 31oz
Voice coil diameter 44mm / 1.75in
Voice coil material Edgewound copper clad aluminium
Former material Glass fibre
Cone material Kevlar loaded paper
Surround material Cloth-sealed
Suspension Single
Gap height (Hg) 6mm / 0.24in
VC winding height (Hvc) 10mm / 0.4in

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