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  • Closed back midrange unit

A closed back makes the steel chassis TF0818MR a dedicated mid-range PA speaker, eliminating the need for a separate mid-range enclosure when dropped into a 3-way cabinet. Optimised to deliver detailed reproduction of mid-range frequencies from 800Hz to 5000Hz, this 8” diameter speaker provides 200W continuous power handling (100Wrms AES standard) and 99dB sensitivity.

Thông số kỹ thuật sản phẩm TF0818MR

Nominal diameter 203mm / 8in
Power rating 100W
Continuous power rating 200W
EIA power rating 150W
Rated impedance 8Ω
Sensitivity 99dB
Frequency range 800-5000Hz
Chassis type Pressed steel
Magnet type Ferrite
Magnet weight 0.57kg / 20oz
Voice coil diameter 44mm / 1.75in
Voice coil material Round copper
Former material Polyimide
Cone material Kevlar loaded paper
Surround material Treated paper
Suspension Single
Gap height (Hg) n/a
VC winding height (Hvc) n/a

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