Liên hệ

  • Advanced temperature control using 3-channel tuned venting system provides highly efficient cooling across the frequency band
  • Voice coil typically operates at 30°C lower temperature than other leading drivers in this class
  • Polysiloxane laminated double suspension provides much greater stability and improved cone displacement symmetry
  • Lead-out wires precision woven into suspension minimises excess motion and reduces fatigue
  • Double-sided, weatherproof cone coating enhances durability

Thông số kỹ thuật sản phẩm TSQ1845

Nominal diameter 457mm / 18in
Power rating 1800W
Continuous power rating 3600W
Rated impedance 8Ω
Sensitivity 96.5dB
Frequency range 30-1,000Hz
Chassis type Cast aluminium
Magnet type Neodymium
Voice coil diameter 115mm / 4.5in
Voice coil material Round copper
Former material Glass fibre
Cone material Glass loaded cellulose, water-resistant coating front & back
Surround material Triple roll, cloth sealed
Suspension Dual, polysiloxane-laminated
Gap height (Hg) 12mm / 0.46in
VC winding height (Hvc) 36mm / 1.42in

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