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  • Lightweight neodymium magnet assembly.
  • Weighs only 5.2 kg.
  • Highly versatile in 2-way ported enclosures.
  • UK manufactured cone with optimised pulp offering increased strength, durability and performance.

The Sovereign Pro 15-600N is intended for use in high power two-way ported enclosures and as a high-output bass driver in multi way systems. It features a 3 inch ‘sandwich’ inside and outside windings voice coil immersed in a symmetric magnetic field yielding increased linearity and lower distortion at high excursion levels. The driver handles 600 Watts (A.E.S) continuous and can cope with peaks in excess of 2400 Watts. This is due to advanced thermal management in the form of vented die-cast chassis and increased motor system venting. These measures effectively remove heat from the voice coil, resulting in extremely low-power compression. The sovereign Pro 15-600N exhibits an average sensitivity of 99 dB and can deliver bass down to 40 Hz (-6 dB) in a 125 Litre ported enclosure.

Thông số kỹ thuật sản phẩm SOVEREIGN PRO 15-600N

Nominal Chassis Diameter 15" / 381 mm
Impedance 8 Ω
Minimum Impedance (Zmin) 6.5 Ω
Power Handling 600 W (A.E.S.)
Peak Power (6dB Crest Factor) 2400 W (A.E.S.)
Usable Frequency Range (-6dB) 40Hz - 4.5 kHz
Sensitivity (1W - 1m) Wideband 99 dB
Moving Mass inc. Air Load 82 grams
Effective Piston Dlameter 13.03" / 330.96 mm
Magnetic Gap Depth 0.39" / 10.00 mm
Flux Density 1.1 Tesla
Coil Winding Height 0.67" / 17.00 mm
Voice Coil Diameter 3.0" / 76.2 mm
Speaker Type Bass Driver

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