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  • Dual DSP chip processing, dual voltage limit function, maximum protection of audio equipment.
  • 96kHz high sample rate design improves the density and texture of sound resulting in a more accurate representation of the source signal.
  • Balanced input ports, supports hot-swap technology, users do not need to worry about whether to operate live, plug and play, no need to switch.
  • The effect is dynamically adjusted to make the voice more appealing.
  • Built-in audio test system can accurately measure audio data, which is convenient for practical users to adjust the system to the ideal sound faster and more accurately.

Thông số kỹ thuật sản phẩm MP-ONE

Music Port Maximum Input Level +21 dBu (8.7V RMS)
Output Channel Maximum Output Level +21 dBu (8.7V RMS)
Microphone Input Sensitivity 640 mV (out: 8.7V)
Signal to Noise Ratio >110 dB
Adapt to Power 220V / 50 Hz
Equipment Net Weight 3.9 kg
Device Size (length, width, height) 483 x 255 x 44 mm
Speaker Type Digital Multifunction Processor

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